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The Best Moments from the Country Music Awards

he Country Music Awards happen every year, but there are always moments that stand out. Here are some from the 2016 awards.

Celebs Who Gave Their Baby Up for Adoption

Babies are given up for adoption every day, but some of those parents have names and faces you might recognize.

Celebs Who Got Married as Teens

Celebrities get married all the time and some of them do it sooner than others. Here are some who were still teens when they got married.

These are the Top Ranked Female Rap Artists

The world of rap might be predominantly male, but there are plenty of ladies out there that produce some talented music. These women are considered the best.

Songs That Alledgedly have Satanic Messages When Played Backwards

Some people have heard what they call satanic messages when they play these songs backwards. Listen and decide for yourself.

Famous People: A Total Rewind

Here’s a fun game! See if you can guess who these people are. You may recognize some of these famous people from their younger or older pictures but some of them you...

Kanye West Has Compared Himself to These Celebrities

Kanye West is pretty well known for his inflated sense of self importance and he isn't afraid to "borrow" the best characteristics of other people as his own.

Saturday Night Live Hosts You’ll Never Forget

Saturday Night Live has been around for a long time and there's a new host every week. Some of them do such an epic job that they are talked about for years to come....

From Video Game To Movie: Best Of The Best

Video games seem like they're on the outside looking in, even when they make gazillions of dollars. No respect! Some video games, though, make it all the way to the...

Stalking Dead: Our Favorite Walking Dead Characters

Popular TV shows do strange things to us, mainly, by compelling us to become emotionally involved with the show's characters. That's all fine and good if you're...